Foundations & NPC - Devlog #1


The idea of Guns of Justice aka GoJ had been in my mind for a few months when I first started developing it. It is basically a simulation and management game that includes some RPG elements. The game is taking place in a city called Justice. You ,as the player, start from 0 and build your crime kingdom over time by doing illegal/legal tasks and managing businesses with your squad.

Anyway, after planning my path and the development process, in February 2020 I started developing the game.

After creating the project, I started creating the city and the world. I started with the foundation of it -sea! I wanted to develop this game with low poly style so sea needed to be low poly too. Thanks to this tutorial that I found online, I was able to achieve what I was looking for.

After creating the sea, I started creating a little part of the city so that I could start working on NPC AI’s and the prototype of the game. Since the idea of living in a city and being involved in crime requires a shady lifestyle, I also started working on day/night cycle.

After I had done with building staff and arranging day/night cycle, it was time for putting some people in it 🙂 . I started with a controllable player(cube). Then transformed it into a real person!


Non Player Characters

So far, the most enjoyable part of developing this game was working on AI. For now there are 4 kinds of different NPC(regular civilian, police officer, dealer and hotdog man). And until the end of 0.1 build, these will be the only ones that the game has.

Before explaining what they do separately, I would like to give you some information about the buildings. There are food shops, houses and offices atm. And each one of them has its tenant limits.

When the game begins, every NPC gets a house and keeps it as their home forever. For example current built is able to provide 110 people a place to live in.

Addition to home, a  regular civilian will get a job, dealer will get a dealing spot and hotdog man will get a food-place to dance in front.

Every character leaves their houses at a certain time to go their work. Their job also finishes at a certain time. But different characters go and leave their jobs at different times. By doing that, I was able to have a city that has people on its streets all the time(kinda proud I am) :). And police officers work 24/7 with 6 hours shifts. At the moment, police officers only patrol around the city.


Dealers on the other hand leave their houses when it’s dark and go to their spot to sell some drugs. “Who are they going to sell?” you may ask. Let me explain 😀 every regular civilian has some potential to be into drugs. And everyday after work, they decide when to go and buy some, so when the time comes they look for a dealer and go to him/her to buy some drugs.


Other than those I mentioned above, I also played with rigidbody system a little bit to create ragdolls out of characters. It was so much fun playing with them btw 😀 here I provide a few scenes where I test ragdolls.

And some for you to worry about my mental state 😀


Anyway, thanks a lot for reading this very first devlog of GoJ. Hope to see you in the second one. If you want to follow the developments realtime, you can also follow my twitter account.


Stay Safe,


invisible dev

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