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The Hunted is an Indie Horror Game. You are a hunter that is being hunted and they'll make you understand how a prey feels...


In 1939, a secret department has been created by government. Many scientists from all over the world have been hired.
The main goal of this department was to find a cure for epidemics and to extend people's lifespan through conducting experiments on convicts.
These experiments were directed by a conversative professor named Albert.
Since there were many experiments, there were also many subjects. Which means there were many runaway subjects as well.
So, to solve that problem government created another department to hunt runaways down. After many huntings and conductings, things started to change. Experiments became more cruel.
One night, "subject 168" started a rebellion movement in the main facility. Rebels were able to kill Dr Albert and freed all the subjects. Department has been shut down, experiments have been stopped.
Now, it's their turn.

About the Dev

Hey everyone, my name is Emre and I am from Turkey. I am an English instructor, horror story narrator and a self-taught dev working with Unity.
Through this game, I wanted to improve myself on C# and dev stuff. I hope you all like it. This game won't be the only one.
To learn more about my future projects. Follow me on twitter.
Also if you are interested in this game's development process, take a look at Trello.
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, FPS, Horror, horror-game, Survival Horror, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram


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정말 기대되는 게임입니다. 풀버젼이 엄청 기다려집니다!

This is a really anticipated game. I'm looking forward to the full version!

Hey Shade, 

Thanks for trying the game out. I am glad that you liked it! 

Cheers :) 

Such a great job on this game! Not sure how exactly you did it but this horror game gave me cold shivers like no other, the tension build up was so effective! not many jump scares but I’m okay with that, and I’m sure there will be more and more blinking in the future 👀😅 


Thanks for the awesome feedback and the gameplay man. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Also you are right about more blinking in the future, I'm working on it atm.

Cheers! :)

Thank you for the experience :) Feel free to use my content. Can't wait for more projects!

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Hey Virific,

Awesome content man, liked the video a lot :) thanks for playing the game! 

Cheers! :)

This was very creepy! It built up a dark atmosphere from the start. The story is really grim and seems like it can be built upon very well! I was actually sad when the demo ended cause I wanted to see more! Looking forward to the full game!

Here's my playthrough:


Hey Adrionic, 

 Man the video is awesome thank you for your feedback. Really man, your positive energy and constructive feedback mean a lot to me in order to maintain the game's development. :)

With the full release, you will have lots of more things to blink at, also I've added different parameters as well such as shaking your head or having the flashlight on/off. So while playing the full release, you will have to blink, shake your head and have your light on/off in order things to disappear, so it will be more challenging and fast - paced. I hope you will like it more. 

Cheers! :) 

Played the game and it was fun! I gotta say there were some grammatical errors in some notes (1 only I think) but overall it was great! Tho the jumpscares are easily predictable (every time you read a note) ... that's all I have to say and cant wait for the full game!

Here's my vid if you wanna know what I meant by the errors: 

Hey man,

Thanks for trying the game out :)

Also I appreciate the feedbacks. I'm glad that you had fun :) When the full game is out, I hope you will like it more :)


As a small channel, but a good eye this game has a crap ton of potential and I am 100% excited to see what happens next in this game.


Hey Jekhi,
Awesome video!
Thanks for trying the game out man, I appreciate it :)
About your thoughts and feedbacks, thanks again. I've started working on the full release. I hope you will like it more:)

Cool game. The graphics and atmosphere were nice, but it felt a little slow.

Hey man,

Great video btw had fun watching it :) Lots of ppl have made the same comment as you did about slowness of the game, so now for the full release I am planning to make it more fast and challenging, also new features will be added as well.

I hope you will like the full version more :)

Cheers! :)

It was a really good demo. I did get scared three times. One of the most scarry things was after blinking and last when the "demo notification" jumped :D . It has a lot of potential, but it still needs work. The guy in the mask we can close in the bathroom (its kinda funny and weird). Last thing is that walking is just too slow and we can't run. The stroyline is very original and I liked it! Good luck and let us know when copleted ;)

Hey Slendir,

Thanks a lot for trying the game out and your valuable feedbacks :)

Now I'm planning to make the game more fast-paced and more challenging.

I will definitely let you know when it's completed :)

Cheers! :)

love the game very scary and like the mechanics cant wait to see full version!!


Thanks for trying the game out :) I'm glad that you liked it :)


The game so far looks good!  The only I wished for was that the demo was a bit longer.  Other then that good job! 

Hey cmod,
Thank you for trying the game out awesome video :) I'm glad that you liked it.

Cheers! :)

Has a lot of potential! The game gave me a decent outlook of what it's going to be about, without giving too much away. Sorry about the word jumble (HunterxHunted) near the end of the video. Here's my take!

Hey Kwirkee,
Thank you very much for trying the game out, awesome video :)
Your feedbacks mean a lot to me and the game's further development. I hope you will enjoy the full game when it's out as well :)

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

Thank you for trying the game out :) Awesome video!

Would love to see a longer demo but I think the full game will great 😄

Hey Fringe,

Awesome video thank you for giving the game a try! It motivates me to create more and more, I know it is a short version but this summer it will be developed a lot more :)

Btw it is a big coincidence that just yesterday I watched your video about slenderman with ducks video and I thought that I should msg you and kindly ask you to try "The Hunted" as well :)

Awesome game but a litle bit to shor :)

Hey Phoen,

Awesome video thank you for playing the game and for the support! I am glad that you liked it 😊
Cheers! 😊


Deleted post

Hey Prezential, 

Thank you for playing the game it is so nice of you :) After watching people playing the game I've decided to change the game's roadplan to make it more fast-pacing and less story-based. I hope you will like the new version even more. I couldnt decide such thing sitting here in front of the computer if you didnt give it a try. 

Cheers! 😊

Gave it a go...

Hey man thanks for considering my message about the game and giving it a try. It means a lot to me 😊. Things you mentioned in the video have been added to my to-do list. Cheers! 😊

Nice little Demo! Looking forward to the release of the game!

Hey! :) Thank you for the review and your kind thoughts, it means a lot to me. Since I have just 2 computers to test the game, it is awesome to see it on other ppl's screen. I am making a list atm( its kinda bugs and suggestions list), your suggestions have been added to it as well :)

Great! demo arrived let's try!

Everyone says do not pre- order any game. They are right cause may be the game won't give you what it promised but this game doesn't looks likes it.

It promises to scare you and as far as I can see it will. Good luck for the devs and I hope it brings huge success.

Thanks a lot man appreciate the support :) 

Story looks so good

Glad you liked it :)

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That was so good! I think, that can be a good game because I was watched teaser. Sounds, graphics... I am waiting game's demo ;)

Thanks man, playable demo will be available very soon :) stay tuned!