Demo 0.1.1 is Available!

Demo 0.1.1 is available now! 

Changes that have been made

  • Flashlight's light is now visible on fastest graphics.
  • Lens has been added to the flashlight's light.
  • Flashlight's light is wider now.
  • Floating objects have been fixed.
  • Blinking disorientation has been fixed.
  • Note events now are triggered when the notes are closed, not when they are opened.
  • 32 bit version is now available.
  • Place has more light now.
  • The narration which was done by a man in the beginning is removed.

Also I want to thank supporters and youtubers, because they made this update possible by playing it.

  • Bonez Playtime
  • Step Vibes
  • Prezential
  • Phoen
  • PookieVideo
  • mitbeorn


The Hunted Demo 0.1.1_64 411 MB
May 26, 2019
The Hunted Demo 0.1.1_32 409 MB
May 26, 2019

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